About Us

Business Software Solutions
We assist businesses with planning and implementing the correct Software and Infrastructure for their needs. With broad accounting as well as IT knowledge we also assist in systems development. IQ Retail and Sage Pastel systems are in the forefront of the best systems on the market, we have partner and affiliation agreements with both Sage Pastel and IQ Retail.

We stock a wide range of computer peripherals comprising of Servers, Computer Hardware, Software (including business software), Components, Consumables, CCTV systems and much more.

We have a team that is dedicated to solving your computer nightmares, from virus issues right through to upgrades, we will be able to help you.

We will come right to your doorstep to fix and repair any IT related issues.

Our network setup and repair services are specialized and will meet all your requirements. Cabling projects and Point-to-Point Wireless systems are the heart of any IT system, we do it right.

Internet Service Providers
Compro IT is a registered ISP, and we provide the full range of top-class internet service products. Uncapped services, Capped Services, We will soon start with mobile services as well.

CCTV Installations and Repairs